Stina Bäckström

Stina Bäckström

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Philosophy of action and language, philosophy of humor, emotions and rationality, virtue ethics, Wittgenstein, Anscombe, McDowell, Cavell

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Culture and Education


Stina Bäckström is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for practical knowledge. She earned her PhD in philosophy from the University of Chicago in 2013. Her research concerns philosophy of mind and action. She has written on expression, action, self-consciousness, and rationality. Stina is inspired by thinkers such as Elizabeth Anscombe, Stanley Cavell, John McDowell, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

“’Modes of a Complicated Form of Life’: Expression and Human-Animal Continuity”. In Wittgenstein and Naturalism, eds. Cahill and Raleigh, Routledge 2018.
“Skill, Drill, and Intelligent Performance: Ryle and Intellectualism” (with Martin Gustafsson), Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 5/5, 2017. External link.
“What is it to Depsychologize Psychology?” European Journal of Philosophy, 24 (4), 2017.
“Expression and Self-Consciousness,” Philosophical Topics, 44(1), 2016.
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“A Dilemma for Neo-Expressivism—And How to Resolve it,” Acta Analytica, 31(2), 191-215, 2016.
“Seeing People and Knowing You: Perception, Shared Knowledge, and Acknowledgment,”
European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 5/4, Winter 2013. Special Issue on the Second Person Perspective.
“Our Relation to Our Own Expressions: Comment on Bar-On, Green, and Finkelstein,”
Analytic Philosophy, 4/54, 2013.
”Hur hamnade Sanaz på festen? Hornsbys och Stewards kritik av Davidsons handlingsmetafysik,” Filosofisk tidskrift, 4/34, 2013.
The Mind’s Movement: An Essay on Expression. Ph.D. Thesis, available online via ProQuest, University of Chicago, 2013.
“The Skeptic’s Dilemma and What it Reveals,” in Acknowledging Stanley Cavell, eds. Forsberg and Jansson, Uppsala Philosophical Studies 56, 2009.
“Lever vi skeptisisme i forhold til andre?” Agora: Journal for Metafysisk Spekulasjon, nr. 1-2, 2008.
“Varför gjorde inte Wittgenstein moralfilosofi?” in Tankar: Tillägnade Sören Stenlund, eds. Forsberg, Rider, and Segerdahl, Uppsala Philosophical Studies, 2008.

For a wider audience:

Filosofins relation till skrattet är komplicerad", Under Strecket, Svenska Dagbladet, 14 april 2018.

"Inledning" och "Den lilla svarta plattan", i Reflekterande texter om digitala media. Forskningskompendium till pjäsen Spegla mig av Rebecca Örtman, Stockholm: Styx förlag, 2018.

”På filosofisk jakt efter autismens kärna ”, Under Strecket,
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Svenska Dagbladet, 2009.
”Känn dig själv”, Under Strecket,
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