Stina Bengtsson

Stina Bengtsson


I am professor of Media and Communication Studies. My research revolves around the role of the media in everyday life. I study, from various points of views and with different research methods, how the media - as technologies, artefacts, texts and cultural norms - are negotiated and fit into daily life. I focus upon taste and power dimensions, ethics and morality, as well as the routines and rituals surrounding our - increasingly automated - life with and in the media today.

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Culture and Education


Stina Bengtsson is professor in Media and Communication Studies. She is currently doing research about media and everyday life, digital media morality and ethics, youth culture, taste and power. She teaches the course Media and Everyday Life at the masters programme Media, Communication and Everyday Life and are involved in courses also at the bachelor programmes second and third year.

Ongoing research projects:

- New media and civil society in the new mediapolis, 2015-2018 (The Baltic Sea Foundation)

- Digital media morality, 2014-2017 (Riksbankens jubileumsfond)

- Habitus and higher education: a research project about media use, taste and cultural discordance, 2012-2015 (Baltic Sea Foundation/ÖSS)

Earlier research projects:

- Virtual Everyday Life, 2010-2013 (The Swedish Research Council/VR)

- Virtual Baltic Sea Region, 2009-2011 (postdoc project at the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies)

- The Don Quixote of Youth Culture: media use and cultural preferences among students in Estonia and Sweden, 2002-2005 (funded by the Baltic Sea Foundation/ÖSS)

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