Thomas Marmefelt

Thomas Marmefelt

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Evolutionary economics, macroeconomics, monetary economics and financial institutions, innovations, cognition and institutions, monetary history, alternative monetary arrangements

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Social Sciences


Adjunct Professor of Economics, especially Evolutionary Economics at Åbo Akademi University: Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Södertörn.

He is economist and historian, who combines approaches within evolutionary, Austrian, and institutional economic theory. His research deals with economic processes, using a broad social science perspective, focusing upon the role of institutions to well-functioning market processes. It includes innovation and growth, the significance of norms to innovative exchange, civil society and the formation of norms, the dynamics of ethics, religion, and economic performance, the financial system and the real economy, and the links between monetary arrangements and the market process. He combines economic theory and history through theoretical analyses of the historical evolution of monetary arrangements as evolutionary processes and complex evolving systems in different historical contexts, stressing cognition and institutions, arguing for a functional separation of unit of account from media of exchange. At present he focuses upon alternative currencies - local, complementary currencies and cryptocurrencies - and macroeconomic stability. He is also a member of an external monetary expert panel that supports the European Parliament in economic and monetary affairs.

His latest book is: The History of Money and Monetary Arrangements: Insights from the Baltic and North Seas Region, London & New York: Routledge, 2018. External link.

For the European Parliament he as written: COVID-19 and Economic Policy Toward the New Normal: A Monetary-Fiscal Nexus after the Crisis? Publication for the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies, European Parliament, Luxembourg, 2020. External link.

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