Tommy Larsson Segerlind

Tommy Larsson Segerlind


Senior Lecturer

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Social Sciences


I am a lecturer in Business Administration at the Departement of Business Studies in the Scool of Social Science at Södertörn University.

I have since 1998 been working at Södertörn University. My teaching are at all levels from undergraduate to advanced levels. I have long experience of teaching in the first introductory courses in Business Administration and I have a great pedagogical interest in how to introduce the topic Business Administration to the new students. I have also had the privilege of teaching for many years in the program Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Market where I am in their fourth and fifth semester and the majority of courses follow the students and see how they evolve over time. Here is my teaching related to entrepreneurship and innovation, with special expertise in management and the role of the leadership in innovation processes.

My research is mainly in entrepreneurship and innovation in which I defended the dissertation "Team Entrepreneurship - A Process Analysis of the Venture Team and the Venture Team Roles in relation to the Innovation Process". In the thesis, I explore how companies with multiple founders (venture team) are formed, develop and finally dissolve in relationship to what happens in the innovationprocess in the enterprise. Previous publications have been in business history, such as with the book "Tetra - the story of the dynasty Rausing" (1998, in collaboration with Peter Andersson). At present, my research is focusing on the so-called spouse team (spouses who start businesses) and how their businesses evolve over time, compared to companies that start in other team constellations. I am particularly interested in how the level of trust and confidence affects their abilities to manage uncertainty and ambiguity (sense-making) in the startup phase and in the innovation process. At the moment I am writing about gender diversity in venture teams and the affect on survival over time.

What distinguishes my research in entrepreneurship is my clear focus on innovation. I study innovation processes in a variety of industries and sectors, such as the publishing industry, packaging industry, food and agriculture sector, but also in cultural and creative industries. Part of my research has been in Poland, where the development in the publishing industry has been studied.

At the moment I am a part of the Interreg/Central Balitic-project "Archipelago Business Development" recently started with a group of researchers here at Södertörn University in collaboration with Turku University and Novia University of Applied Science in Finland.

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