Händer som sträcker sig efter avhandlingar.

Book the library’s research support

If you are a researcher at Södertörn University or Swedish Red Cross University you can book the library’s support for researchers.

Book an appointment to get help with:

  • Literature search – we will guide you in how to search for research within a subject area in different databases.
  • Search consultations – we will do the literature search for you before, for example, writing a literature review or mapping a research field
  • Stay current with new research – create an alert for scholarly material within a subject area.
  • Reference management – simplify the writing of references with EndNote or Zotero.
  • Increase the visibility of your research with ORCID, DiVA and researcher profiles.
  • Editor support – we help editors with questions about the start-up phase of a new volume to be published within Södertörn University’s publication series.

Contact forskarstod.bibl@sh.se to book an appointment.
We help individual researchers as well as groups.


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