Art Space and other art on campus

Södertörn University conducts research and education in an environment where art and culture provide an important foundation. The university is home to Art Space, Södertörn’s art collection, and the Idun Lovén Art School’s galleries. Art Space opened in the autumn of 2022 and provides a permanent space for temporary exhibitions, welcoming students, staff and the public. The art collection is distributed throughout the campus, including four large installations that are part of the university’s architecture. Idun Lovén Art School, which offers programmes in sculpture and painting, has two student galleries.

Art Space

Art Space (MA532) shows temporary exhibitions in a room close to the main entrance, facing the square, Blickatorget. The exhibitions are inspired by the location and the research conducted at the university. They are produced in dialogue with researchers, curators and artists, and in collaboration with nearby municipalities, the healthcare region and other external stakeholders. The gallery welcomes students, university staff and the public.

Art Space is run by Södertörn University.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-16.00. Free entry.

For the programme and cultural events, please see the university calendar.

You are welcome to book guided tours of Art Space and the university’s art collection.
Exhibition manager: Annika Öhrner,

Art on campus

Södertörn University has an art collection comprising almost 400 works and which has been developed in several phases, in partnership with project managers from the Public Art Agency Sweden and Moderna Museet.

The campus also has four permanent installations

You can read more about the art on campus in the books:

  • Konsten på Södertörns högskola, ed. Annika Öhrner, Huddinge: Södertörn University, 2016
  • Offentlig konst i Flemingsberg, eds. Håkan Bull and Dan Karlholm, Huddinge: Huge fastigheter, 2007

You are welcome to visit the university, where much of the art is in areas open to the public. Tours can be booked via Art Space,

Idun Lovén Art School

Idun Lovén Art School shows art in two student galleries: Hallen 4 and Hallen 3. Read more about the galleries and the school on its website (link in Swedish). External link, opens in new window.


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