Södertörn University’s Governing Board

The Governing Board of Södertörn University has an overview of all business that concerns the university and is responsible for it fulfilling its obligations. The board takes decisions about the overall focus of activities, the university's organisation and internal allocation of resources. It also takes decisions about the annual report, interim reports and the budget.

The chair and seven members represent public interests and are appointed by the Swedish government. Three members are selected by the teaching staff and three are appointed by the students' union; one of these must be a doctoral student. The vice-chancellor is also part of the governing board. The trades' union organisations have the right to attend meetings and to voice opinions.

The term of office for public interest representatives for is 1 May 2023 - 30 September 2024, and 1 May 2023 - 30 April 2026 for representatives from teaching staff. Student representatives are appointed for one year.

Governing Board Foto: Kristina Sahlén

Public interest representatives

Minoo Akhtarzand, former County Governor (chair)
Åke Ingerman, Professor Göteborg University
Jenny Johannisson, Adviser, Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis
Gro Kvanli Dæhlin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor NTNU Gjøvik, Norge
Olle Samuelson, Research and Innovation Strategist, IQ Samhällsbyggnad
Staffan Scheja, Professor, Royal College of Music in Stockholm
Mats Ulfendahl, Director of Research, Region Östergötland
Ebba Östlin, Adviser

University representatives

Gustav Amberg, Professor, Vice-Chancellor of Södertörn University
Björn Hassler, Professor
Anne Kaun, Professor
Adrienne Sörbom, Professor

Group substitutes:
Lena Roos, Professor
Sofia Lundmark, Lecturer

Student representatives

Frida Hanslep Kellén, Chair, SöderS students' union
Nathalie Hinders, Doctoral Student
Julia Runnelid, Vice-Chair, SöderS students' union

Employee representatives with the right to attend meetings and voice opinions

Kajsa Gustavsson, ST
Anders Ullholm, SACO-S
Henry Wölling, SEKO


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