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Two simple steps to applying for a residence permit for studies in Sweden

You are one of our newly admitted students, and your journey to Sweden has already begun. If you are a student from outside the EU/EEA, you require a residence permit to study in Sweden. Now it is time to apply for it and many questions could be popping up. Don’t worry, let me take you through the basics.

Written by Amaraizu Genius

The Migration Agency – a good place to find information

There’s no better place to find information about residence permits for Sweden than the Migration Agency External link. who are responsible for issuing the card. Here are the simple steps to complete your application:

Step 1 – Organise your documents

This is the first step. You have to gather all your documents and make them readily available for your application. Sometimes this might be overwhelming. However, it is a task that must be completed. Here are the documents you may need:

  • A valid international passport. If your passport is about to expire, note that you cannot receive a permit past your passport expiration date. So renew your passport before application if possible.
  • Letter of Acceptance/Notification of Selection Results as proof of admission to Södertörn University. You can download of a copy of your notification of selection result from your portal at the University Admissions website.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself. The availability of a minimum of SEK 8,568 per month for the duration of your study period is required to be proven by providing your personal bank statement. If you are a scholarship recipient, then you have to provide documents showing your scholarship offer and details.
  • Health insurance coverage. If you are admitted to a one year or less programme, then you must show a document proving you have comprehensive health insurance cover in Sweden. For students in a two-year programme, you can apply for health insurance when you arrive Sweden.
  • Tuition fees. Unless you are on a scholarship, you may need to pay your tuition fees or at least make the first installment before you apply.
  • Application fee. You may have to pay a residence permit application fee unless you are an SI scholarship recipient. The cost is SEK 1500.

Step 2 – Visit the Swedish Migration Agency website

As mentioned above, there’s no better place to grab all the information you need. It is on this website that everything happens, and you are encouraged to apply online. Online application is the easiest and fastest means to reach the Swedish Migration Agency directly. Once you arrive at Migrationsverket's website External link., click Apply for… (permit for studies) and read up yourself to understand the process. You can click on E-Services in the menu to create your own account and start filling your application.

Watch the live stream by Study In Sweden on Applying for Residence Permit for studies in Sweden on YouTube here: External link, opens in new window.

Picture of the author Amaraizu Genius

Amaraizu Genius is an international student ambassador at Södertörn University.

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn: External link, opens in new window.


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