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What Every Student Should Do This Autumn

Autumn is here! It is arguably the most beautiful season for many persons. Ok, let’s argue and settle this, once and for all – what’s your best season in Sweden? Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer? You see – It’s Autumn! Here are tips on what you should do this Autumn. 

Autumn outside Södertörn University

Credit: Elionor Björkman

By Amaraizu Genius

Enjoying the Best of Nature

Autumn is that season that never gets too hot or too cold. It’s a perfect definition for the Swedish word – “Lagom.” More importantly, autumn comes with a friend called “beautiful nature.” You just have to enjoy the best of this friend. To start, you have two options: either you choose to visit autumnal parks or you head to the woods. As for me, I choose to do the both. There is no better time to hike or trek than autumn, and I mean it. You will be so happy to feel nature, very cool breeze and amazing colours. Södertörn University is located at a spot that makes this even more magical. If you live at the university accommodation at Björnkulla, then this is your season, autumn lives with you. Lol. Have you hiked around the university? Or visited the parks in Huddinge? Ok, put on your shoes let’s go.

Picking Food From Nature

If you haven’t picked Swedish berries, you still have a slim chance to do so. Thanks to Allemansrätten – meaning “All Men’s Right” – anyone can collect berries across Sweden without permission from any authority. And there are many berries, but let’s stick to the most abundant and yes, you can pick and eat as you go. It’s called the Blåbär (Bilberry) and you literarily find it everywhere in the forest.

How about mushrooms? Have you picked any yet? This is their season. In Sweden, mushroom picking is a tradition, one you must try out this autumn. First, dress up for the experience and with your basket, head to the forest. I advise you go with an experienced mushroom ‘guy’. Like I said, this is a season of mushrooms, and there are many different ones – both edible and poisonous. If you are not used to picking mushrooms, you may not be able to distinguish which is edible from the rest. Here are some popular mushrooms in Sweden you can check out: Kantarell (Golden Chanterelle), Karljohanssvamp or Karl Johan (Penny Bun), Rödgul Trumpetsvamp, Trattkantarell. Remember, if you’re not sure if a mushroom is edible, throw it away. Do not second guess!


Credits: Clive Tompsett/

Dress for Autumn; Prepare for Winter

The season for shorts and skinny jeans are over. Get that. But early autumn, you can of course see people wearing their shirts and shorts. Yeah, I know you can see the sun shining and it’s not even too cold, but if you’re new to the Swedish weather, it is better to overdress. Hahahahaha. From wearing shorts we transition to trousers and long sleeves. We do this for a week, and you see another transition to double wears and sweaters. But that’s it. Just put on your shirt and sweater or something like that, you’re good to go.

Most important thing to do in autumn is to prepare for winter. Do not forget that this is Sweden, and winter is coming! This is the best time to visit second hand markets and get those boots and winter jackets. Don’t forget to buy good hand gloves (preferably leather) and good stockings. I repeat, winter is coming.

Have Fun, It’s Autumn!

First, pose for some nice photo shots for Instagram. It will take another one year for you to have that opportunity. The trees are slowly shedding their leaves, but before they do, they turn from green to red, orange and yellow. That’s magical, and trust me, the Instagram outcome is incredible. You need a bucket list for autumn activities. Let me make it easier for you: Stockholm film festival happens in autumn, go get your ticket. Music artists from all around the world have their European tours in Autumn, and Stockholm and Gothenburg are usually centers for such festivals. How about going for an ice hockey game or a visit to Stockholm archipelago? Or even being part of the Halloween celebrations?

You want me to join you in any activity this autumn? Let’s connect on LinkedIn: External link, opens in new window.

Picture of the author Amaraizu Genius

Amaraizu Genius is an International Student Ambassador at Södertörn University.

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