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Student life during your stay

Welcome to the fourth article in our series about life in Sweden for international students, written by Nabil El Kaouay.

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As an international student, I was used to there being sports clubs at my previous universities. In Sweden, the system appears to be different and there are no student sports clubs at Södertörn University. Fortunately, options outside the campus are still available to you.

Firstly, you have the gym option. There are several around the campus in Flemingsberg: Medfit External link. and Fitness24Seven External link. are very popular among international students at Södertörn University. Other options are available a bit further away, and they all usually offer student membership. They often require a Swedish personal ID number, but if you do not have one, you may sign up for a longer period (6 or 12 months).

Secondly, if a gym does not suit you or is not available, there are other options. For example, thanks to the International Office, I discovered a sports organisation in the Greater Stockholm area. Stockholms Studenters IF External link. is a sports association for students that organises weekly sports activities. They have a range of courses so I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your interests. Membership is quite affordable for students, and they offer different training cards depending on your attendance.

Lastly, you could subscribe to any club if you are specifically interested in one sport. I like bouldering and climbing, so I have a membership at one of the biggest climbing centres in Sweden: Klättercentret External link.. They do not require a Swedish personal ID number or a bank account.


If you live in the Flemingsberg area, there are supermarkets where you can do your grocery shopping: Nya Pulsen (soon to be Willy’s), Lidl, ICA Maxi and other smaller shops. Depending on where you live, you can easily walk to shop or take a bus. If you need to buy some furniture or items for your accommodation, you can go to the shopping malls, such as Kungens Kurva or Skärholmen. Another alternative is to go to the second-hand stores. They are quite popular in Sweden, and you can also find clothes for the summer or winter. This is also a good for the environment and the money goes to a good cause!

Tip: Don’t forget to check your Mecenat app regularly! You can find interesting deals and discounts for a lot of shops all around Stockholm. It also includes travel agencies, pharmacies, and other stores you may need during your studies.

Social life at Södertörn University

There are various cafés and restaurants on campus. You can also register with the students’ union, SöderS External link., and ESN for social events. Follow their social media, as they have great activities during the semester. There is a pub on campus, usually on Wednesday and Friday evenings. This is a great place to listen to music, dance, play some pool, or meet up before heading to the city later!

Check out this YouTube video: Exchange student at Södertörn university – what you need to know External link.

About the author: Nabil El Kaouay is an international student at Södertörn University, where he studies Journalism, and is also an international student ambassador for the university's International Office. Nabil originally comes from France and is eager to share his experiences at Södertörn University and in Stockholm with other international students.

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