What's included?

Project-based collaboration on the production of new and innovative solutions

This 15-credit course is run as a collaboration between multiple higher education institutions and public sector clients in the Stockholm area. You will work on a project basis, designing and organising innovation partnerships across different fields of knowledge with the aim of solving practical societal issues. During the course you will learn to relate scientific perspectives to different practices and to develop, plan and evaluate new and innovative ideas. You will apply interactive and creative work and design methodology, and visualise innovation projects through sketches, models and prototypes. This includes identifying and analysing complex phenomena, as well as introducing ideas that can be developed and realised to provide lasting benefit and value for a specific target group. You will also communicate your work on the innovation project, and its results, to clients, selected target groups and the general public.

Course design

The course is based on compulsory lectures and workshops as part of the selected development project, and is assessed through your attendance, your written and oral presentation of the innovation project and an individual reflection report.