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Good administration in the EU and Sweden


Public Law: European Law, Advanced Level

30 credits

This 30-credit course deals with the principles of good administration within EU law and how this is applied at the national level. It prepares you to write a Master’s dissertation, but may also be taken as a freestanding course. It has two modules: Principles of Good Administration in the EU and Good Administration in the EU and Domestic Practice.

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Work with legal issues around the world After studying Public Law, you have the necessary knowledge and expertise for a profession associated with state or municipal administration. There are wide-ranging job opportunities once you have studied Public Law. For example, you can work in the private or public sectors, internationally or within Europe, and you have legal knowledge that covers Europe. You have knowledge of the legal basis for the exercise of power conducted by public authorities, as well as of the requirements that European law places on the Swedish legal system. After your studies you are prepared for a range of professions. You could, for example, work as an officer for state or municipal authorities, or as a legal practitioner at businesses that have many contacts with public authorities, such as insurance companies or consultancies. What are former students doing now? Former students of Public Law now work in a wide range of professions. Many are employed in public administration or in parts of the private sector that have extensive contacts with authorities. Others work with EU projects in Sweden and also abroad, for example with Brexit in the UK. Your future job could be as an official at Work Environment Authority or the Migration Board or similar, or at an organisation or business as a coordinator, investigator or project manager. Read about research in this subject
The application and principles of good administration in the EU You can study this course as preparation for writing a Master’s dissertation or as a freestanding course. It has two 15-credit modules. The first module is Principles of Good Administration in the EU, which covers the definition of the principles of good administration as developed within EU law and the application of these principles by the European institutions and public officers. The second module is Good Administration in the EU and Domestic Practice, which examines the principles of good administration in the EU legal order in various policy fields, such as environmental issues, highlighting the way in which EU law and its application in these fields has impacted national law and its application. Course design The course consists of lectures, guest lectures, seminars, and study visits, and includes compulsory written and oral elements, in which seminar reports and case descriptions must be done. Some tasks are individual, others are done as a group. Assessment is through a take- home examination, active participation in seminars, oral presentations, on an individual basis or as a group, written hand-in assignments, and compulsory attendance at lectures, guest lectures and study visits.
Study Swedish regulations from an international perspective Law at Södertörn University has two main fields of study: Commercial and Business Law and Public Law. Courses belong to the main field of study called Public Law. If you want to work on legal issues related to the EU or human rights, then Public Law is right for you. Europeanisation and internationalisation are in focus. All course have an emphasis on the influence of European law on Swedish legislation and entrepreneurship. This gives you expertise in European and EU law. The international perspective means that you gain a broad understanding of legal systems around the world. After studying you have the skills and knowledge to work at national and European levels. Public Law covers the legal regulation of the relationship between the state and the individual. You learn the rights and obligations you have as an individual and those of businesses. You will learn about the legal basis for the exercise of power conducted by public authorities, not least about the requirements that European law places on the Swedish legal system Public law is strongly linked to various societal issues. You gain knowledge that means you can work with issues relating to human rights, among other things, after your studies. You develop wide-ranging knowledge of the Swedish legal system and can apply your skills in an area that you are passionate about.