What's included?

Problematise and analyse transnational governance and sustainability

On this Master’s level course, you will problematise core concepts in the research field of transnational governance, as well as analyse environmental issues by using overarching concepts such as governance, civil society, globalisation and sustainable development. You will learn to apply core theoretical concepts in the research field of sustainability, civil society and transnational governance to help you analyse challenges to effective and legitimate governance linked to various environmental issues, as well as critically reviewing, presenting and discussing theories and literature within the research fields of sustainability, civil society and transnational governance. The course also includes the assessment of scientific, ethical and societal aspects related to environmental science and the analysis of governance in relation to the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development.

Course design

This course primarily builds on compulsory seminars and introductory lectures, with seminars being primarily designed to assist students in the study of the course literature. Grades are awarded on the basis of written assignments, oral presentations and participation in the seminars.