Why this subject?

Are you interested in aesthetics, theory and art?

Aesthetics investigates how people approach the world through their senses, either to gather knowledge, for pleasure and enjoyment, or perhaps in wonder and to feel fear. Aesthetic experience can come from varied artistic forms of expression such as dance and theatre, literature and music, or from nature and the world of the media. Our contemporary media-based society entails that we are exposed to a constant flow of messages, impressions and information. This makes aesthetical issues highly relevant and means that a reflective approach is necessary.

At Södertörn University the subject is linked to important societal issues and phenomena. We illuminate this through historical and contemporary perspectives. For example, by investigating how cultural expressions are associated with political trends and societal occurrences, how aesthetic phenomena have been regarded historically and how they can be regarded today. Classic texts and Antique concepts gain renewed relevance in relation to contemporary art and media.

The subject unites philosophical aesthetics and current cultural theory, with contemporary questions about art and debating. During your studies you will gain insights into the relationships between issues of aesthetics and society