What's included?

Critical evaluation of cultural and social processes in complex societies

The central element of this Bachelor’s level course comprises theories relating to cultural variation, ethnicity, national identity, gender and power. You will discuss and work with issues found in cultural studies relating to class, gender, ethnicity and other socially constructed identities, using a comparative European perspective. The course also covers questions of ethnic relations and the organisation of diversity, as well as migration and globalisation. In studying these issues, you will analyse and critically review scholarly texts, problematising and apply a basic level of scholarly reflexivity to your own and others’ work. You are expected to take an evaluative approach to scholarly, visual, and literary representations of race, culture and ethnicity, as well as to societal problems, seen from the perspectives of issues related to diversity, based on gender, ethnicity, class and culture.

The course consists of seminars, lectures, and group work and is examined through active participation in seminars, oral presentations, and written assignments.