What's included?

Theoretical approaches to linguistics and literature, and a scholarly essay

This supplementary level course is built around of three compulsory modules, two worth 7.5 credits each, focusing on theoretical approaches to linguistics or literature, and one in which you write a longer scholarly essay on a topic of your choice. In Theoretical Approaches to Linguistics, you will deepen and broaden your knowledge of modern linguistic analysis and theory, applying theory and terminology in practice, both individually and in small groups. The module presents theories and concepts in areas such as sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and corpus linguistics. The module called Theoretical Approaches to Literature studies modern literary analysis using important conceptual apparatuses and theories, such as structuralism, post-structuralism, critical culture theory, feminism and new historicism. You will learn about different applications of theory, with literary fields such as modern poetry, autobiography or the post-colonial novel as your point of departure. Grades in both these modules are awarded on the basis of attendance at lectures and seminars, written assignments and oral presentations.

Course design

The essay module is worth 15 credits. Your essay will focus on a topic of your choosing in English-language linguistics, literature or culture. Through focused seminars and with individual supervision, you will develop your knowledge of how to research and write an academic essay, exercising the ability to formulate a problem, build an argument and relate this problem to other research in the area. Your essay will be peer reviewed at a final seminar, and you will also review another student’s essay.