What's included?

Methods, models, tools and good practice for event management

The overall objective of this course is for you to be able to understand, select and apply a set of established theories, methods, models, tools and good practices, in order to complete event management projects, tasks and challenges in appropriate ways. You will learn to describe and discuss various stages of event management, such as idea generation, design, product development, planning, coordination, production, delivery, follow-up and evaluation, as well as to analyse and describe elements of an event such as management, people, administration, product, financing, marketing, sales, sustainability, risk and quality. You will identify and analyse the challenges and opportunities faced by event companies and suggest problem-solving solutions. Theoretical elements of the course are illustrated with practical examples and case studies, and you will also plan a real or fictive event and/or analyse a real event project. This gives you the opportunity to select and apply appropriate analytical tools and planning methods for event and project management, and to create an event plan based on a sustainable social perspective. The course thus provides a basis for the review and discussion of event and project management’s value-creating effects for the event company and the consequences for the event’s surroundings.

Course design

The course is based on lectures, seminars, project meetings and is examined through a written group report, seminar participation, the oral presentation and response to a peer review of your project, as well as the peer review of another group’s project work.