Södertörn University has converted to distance education – no teaching on university premises from Wednesday 18 March

The Swedish Government's recommendation is that all higher education institutions move to distance education from 18 March. Södertörn University has followed this recommendation and there is no teaching on university premises. Students are asked to stay updated about their course or programme via SH-StudyWeb. Staff and students can access the university premises with their keycards and both Infocenter and the library are open.




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What's included?

The family in society and culture

On this course, you will gain an understanding of the family as a concept, its different meanings in society and culture, as well as its historical and contemporary interpretations. This will allow you to analyse family as gendering institution, using historical and interdisciplinary perspectives, as well as examining family power structures and functions from queer and postcolonial feminist perspectives. The course also covers how the concept of family could be used for discussing nation, race and migration, and offers critical perspectives on theories and methods.

Course design

The course is taught through lectures and seminars, and examined through participation in the seminars, written assignments and a take-home exam.