Why this subject?

Study societal issues on the basis of gender, sex and sexuality

Gender Studies is a broad subject and is suitable if you are interested in feminism, working towards equality, change and/or opinion building. This subject is useful in all areas of society and can be combined with studies in other subjects. Gender Studies is also valuable if you are already established professionally, but want to develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of this subject so you can do your job even more effectively.

You will study how society is organised based on ideas about sex, gender, sexuality and other orders of power. Gender Studies provides perspectives on important and current societal issues. These include sexuality and what a family is and can be, and on phenomena such as the #metoo movement. At the same time, you will study gender from a larger perspective, through issues of globalisation and living conditions in various places around the world.

Gender Studies at Södertörn University uses an intersectional perspective. This looks at how orders of power such as sex, gender, class, ethnicity, disability and age interact with each other and with society. When you study Gender Studies you will meet teachers with different backgrounds and expertise. The subject has a critical and reflective approach, covering societal change over time, historically as well as the society we want to see in the future.