What's included?

Image-based media content in theory and in practice

This 15-credit course is divided into three 5-credit modules. The “Tools and Genres” module covers the tools and conditions for the production of media content using still and moving images. You will produce a range of media material, which is then discussed and analysed in relation to narrative genres. The module focusing on “Narratives for Media Contexts” deals with the impact of narrative media content in different contexts. Theories of narration are presented, analysed and discussed. The final module covers a visual media project, during which you will work as part of a media production team with other students, producing visual media content for a given purpose and topic. This offers you the opportunity to develop and display a deeper understanding of narrative communication.

Course design

Teaching consists of lectures, seminars, practical exercises and project work, both individually and in groups. Theoretical and practical elements are integrated so you develop the ability to reflect on and analyse the relationships between them. The course is examined through mandatory critique classes, as well as written essays. Critique classes include the presentation of media materials and production processes, and reviews of others’ work. The final group project is presented and reviewed at a full-day screening during which the project, presentation and review is evaluated and examined.