Why this programme?

Gain global perspectives on journalism’s role in societal issues

Are you interested in examining the role of the media in global conflict? Or reflecting on the changes in global media systems and professional journalism? This programme brings together students with backgrounds in the social sciences and the humanities, providing you with the necessary skills to critically reflect on and autonomously analyse the role of journalism in various types of media systems and in different parts of the world, including the professional role of the journalist and freedom of the press in different places.

You will investigate the professional role of the journalist, ethical issues and problems of media freedom and democracy, while reflecting on and problematising journalism and power. This programme not only provides knowledge and skills that are vital when working in an international setting, it also provides the necessary formal qualification for admission to doctoral studies.

While the programme’s focus is theoretical, as it provides a meta-perspective on journalism, you will have the opportunity to practice journalistic writing and meet experts and practitioners in the field of journalism.