Your future

Work in the cultural field, with critical tools and important perspectives

After graduating, you will have skills for work in the cultural field, such as at art galleries, museums, publishing houses or other institutions. You can work in positions that require a well-developed analytical ability, the capacity to independently plan and structure your work, read critically and generally and the ability to find information rapidly.

You are also eligible to apply for a doctoral degree after your completing a Master’s programme; you are also eligible if you choose to study for one year and then graduate.

During your studies you will have developed good analytical skills, theoretical expertise and understanding, critical tools and historical perspectives on art. In a world where we encounter more and more images and forms of expression, you will have specialist knowledge of art history and visual interpretation. A critical gender perspective will allow you to work actively with issues of inclusion and equality.

What are former students doing now?

Former students work at museums, art galleries, auction houses, art colleges and as freelance writers or curators for art exhibition.