Studies in the Educational Sciences

Studies in the Educational Sciences is a research area that examines changes to and the preservation of culture, knowledges and values in relation to educational institutions.

Doctoral education examines teaching conditions and opportunities through research questions that spring from the teaching profession. What does it involve? How is teaching shaped by different cultural and sociopolitical contexts? Research is characterised by a critical approach that includes today’s multicultural, multilingual and medialised society.

It initially includes two subjects, Swedish and Education, which are related to Teacher Education. Research examines teaching and learning and the questions are based on the daily lives of teachers. In the subject of Swedish, emphasis is placed on the interaction between different contexts and linguistic forms of expression, and there is a striving for openness towards a diversity of approaches to, and flows within, linguistics. An interdisciplinary approach is applied and research is focused on societally relevant issues.

Doctoral studies in Education example people’s potential for change. Studies focus on the nurture, education and teaching of both the individual and the collective.

Södertörn University was given degree-awarding powers for Licentiate and doctoral degrees in Studies in the Educational Sciences by the Swedish Higher Education Authority in November 2017. The first doctoral students were admitted in the autumn of 2018, and the aim is to expand doctoral education with more subjects in the future. The subjects that are currently included have close links to Teacher Education at Södertörn University, which provides programmes that are a large part of the university’s teaching activities.

For more information about admission regulations and entry requirements please visit our Swedish page.


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