Following footprints of resilient youth

Successful educational trajectories and transition into higher education

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Ali Osman


Swedish Research Council

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The aim of this study is to examine the mechanism and factors that contributed the academic success of students from household with low or no educational experience, or parents with low or no income (on welfare).

In this study we will focus on how these students attained academic disposition that allowed to them to embark on a successful academic trajectory.

To examine their educational trajectory; the study combines Coleman application and Bourdieu concepts of social capital. From Coleman we borrow the notion of ideational support, while from Bourdieu we borrow the notion of material support. In addition, from both the Coleman, Bourdieu and Putman the notion of bridging support.

These concepts are used to guide our empirical analysis. In collecting the data, we will elaborate with different qualitative data collection techniques to capture the complex interplays between resources, strategies these students activated to embark on the successful academic career.

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Culture and Education Education Studies in the Educational Sciences Teaching and learning Sweden

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2017 — 2020


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