Humanitarian Corridors Integration pathways: fostering better integration opportunities for people in need of protection through strengthened private sponsorship schemes

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Ann Mutvei Berrez


EU Horizon 2020

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This project aims at fostering integration of third-country nationals in need of protection thanks to actions aimed at improving the procedures and practices of the Humanitarian Corridors (HC), a Private Sponsorship Scheme operating since 2016. By involving 9 EU countries and combining the review analysis of the aspects of HC specifically linked to integration with capacity building activities addressed to the sponsors, HUMCORE aims to get an enhanced scheme offering better integration. Starting from the experience of partners involved in the implementation of HC, HUMCORE evolves towards a major spreading of HC into the wider EU, also engaging countries not yet implementing HC, but interested by migration as well, from different sectors.


Fatima Jonsson, lektor/ researcher

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Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies Media Technology The human condition Europe

Contract ID

AMIF 101038285

Project time

2022 — 2024

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