We are pleased to be able to present a packed timetable for the autumn semester’s higher seminars in Sociology. Our own and invited researchers lead the seminar, based on their field of research. The seminars are an excellent opportunity to broaden and deepen your sociological horizons. Please note that some of the autumn’s seminars are held in English.

The seminars are aimed at researchers, doctoral and Master’s students. Any texts that are covered will be distributed about a week prior to each seminar. There is a joint lunch after the seminar for those who wish.

For more information, please see our calendar below or visit our swedish calendar. You can also register and we'll send you information about upcoming events.

26 Sep
27 Sep

Exploring the relation between anti-gender politics and democracy: the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

This two-day conference focuses on anti-gender politics in Central and Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries.

03 Oct

Before the U.S. elections: James T. Kloppenberg, public lecture, and panel debate

James T. Kloppenberg Solidarity Embattled: American Progressives since 1900 in Atlantic Perspective Panel debate Sound and Fury: The U.S. Election and Media Images in Long-term View (Kloppenberg, Cecilia Khavar, Göran Rosenberg, Dag Blanck, Christin Mays)