Food on campus

Days on campus can sometimes be long, so it’s a good idea to bring food with you or to buy something in one of the restaurants or cafés on campus.

Restaurants and cafés

The university has several restaurants/cafés where you can buy lunch and snacks:

Restaurang Allé Elva Kök & Matsal on level 4 of the library and Arom Kaffe & Deli on level 5 of the Moa Building.

Prego Södertörn is on level 4 of the library and Prego Tolvan is on level 2 of Logos.

There are also a number of other options nearby.

Student kitchens

There are several places on campus where students can heat food in microwave ovens. Please note that there may be queues at certain times of the day. The kitchen areas have fridges, but the university takes no responsibility for food you store in them.

Student kitchens with microwaves ovens are located in:

  • MC 5
  • MC 3
  • Students’ union, level 5 of the F Building
  • Logos, level 5 (only for police students)

Microwaves are also available on level 4 of the library and level 2 of Logos.