How to create a table of contents and insert page numbers

In the program Word, there are several useful features that can facilitate your work and also make it more accessible. Here you can find information on how to insert a table of contents and page numbers in your documents.

Office 365

As a student at Södertörn University, you can get Office 365 programs for your computer free of charge. You can for example get the program word. Please note that this guide is for the desktop app, not the more limited online version.

Would you like to read more about Office 365 and download programs? Go to the page Office 365.

Table of contents

  • To insert a table of contents in Word, you first need to format the headings in the document. Highlight each heading and click "Heading 1" in the menu bar above the document. For the sub-headings, click instead on the "Heading 2". You can continue with more levels if you need them. This also means that low vision users can navigate the headlines using a screen reader.
  • Move the cursor to the page in the document where you want to insert the table of contents. Select the "References" section, click on "Table of contents" and then select which one of the "Automatic tables" you want to use.
  • If you later make changes to the document, click anywhere in the table of contents. Click "Update field", select whether you want to update the page numbers or the entire table, and then "Ok".

Page numbers

  • To insert page numbers in Word that starts on a particular page, you first need to divide the document into two different sections. Place the cursor at the beginning of the page where you want to start the page numbering. Click the "Page Layout", then the scroll down menuu next to "Breaks" and select "Next Page" under "Section Breaks".
  • While you're still on the same page, click on "Insert", then "Page Number" and choose where you want the page numbering, such as "Bottom of the page, to the right".
    To finally break the link between the two sections, click once on the "Link to Previous" in the menu bar above.
  • Highlight the page number at the bottom of the same page as before. Click "Insert", then "Page Number" and then "Format page numbers". Choose number 1 at "Start with" and finish with "OK".
  • Finally, you need to remove the page numbering in the first section. Select a page number there and then click "Delete". All done!