The silent reading room

Sit down in an armchair or at a desk and read in peace and quiet.

Reduced opening hours and changed routines due to the Corona virus outbreak

The library is currently closed to the public. Open exclusively to students and staff members at SH, RKH and SMI with SH cards. Shorter opening hours and limited service at the information desk, please see page Contact and opening hours for details. Read more about how the pandemic is affecting the library services.

The silent reading room is located between floors 5 and 6 in the library. You can access it by using either the stairways in the middle of the library or the ones by the lift (button 5,5). You may use a laptop in the reading room, other than that it must be silent. You don't have to book a study place. Everyone is welcome; students and staff as well as (when pandemic restrictions aren't in place) members of the public.