How to choose courses

Choose the courses you would like to take during your exchange period at Södertörn University in the online application.

Where can I find which courses are available?

All our courses at Bachelor's level are listed on our website: External link.. You can see if the course is given during the spring or during the autumn and how many credits it is worth.

For students who meet the requirements, it might be possible to attend freestanding courses on Master's programmes in English: External link.

Search by availability or by subject

You can search for courses by choosing the semester and/or the subject you are interested in, but make sure you fulfil the requirements for the courses you apply for. The prerequisites are always listed on the upper right hand side of the page. Right below the entry requirements you will find the weeks in which the course is given. You are supposed to take 30 credits per semester and study full time in each of the four periods. The maximum number of credits per semester is 45 credits (for those students who choose to take additional language courses). Make sure that you have a course in each of the four periods and that the courses do not overlap.

Language courses in Swedish and in English

There is a Swedish language course for exchange students that starts in both the autumn and spring semesters. English language courses are also available. These language courses can be taken as regular courses or in addition to regular courses for students who need to improve their English language skills or would like to learn some Swedish during their exchange period.


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