Strategy, policy and guidelines

Södertörn University's internationalisation work is an integral part of education and research and aims to strengthen quality.

Internationalisation strategy

The university's internationalisation strategy is based on the university's profile of multidisciplinarity, multiculturalism and civic education. Teachers, researchers, students and other employees are invited to take part in exchange opportunities, international conferences, projects and other collaborations. The university also strives to create a lively environment for internationalisation at home and to offer good conditions for international students, doctoral students and researchers.

For the period 2017-2019, the university works towards four specific internationalisation goals:

1) Increase the exchange of students and employees

2) Increase the number of international students and study places at advanced level

3) Internationalisation at home

4) Extended investment in international research collaborations

These goals are described in more detail in the University's Action Plan for Internationalization 2017-2019.PDF

The university's profile also includes the international and completely English-speaking research environment for the Baltic Sea and Eastern Europe through the CBEES centre formation. The University's network in this area is therefore of particular strategic importance.

Internationalisation policy

The University's internationalisation policy was decided by the National Board of Education 2012-11-15 and is the document that guides the work on internationalization issues.

The University's internationalisation policy states that:

Södertörn University shall be an international university where education and research are characterized by diversity, broadened perspectives and intercultural thinking. In addition to this, the university in its daily work must offer students, teachers and staff an international environment where natural meetings between different cultures can take place. To increase international contacts, the university will facilitate the development of new international networks and partners, which can generate new platforms and joint projects.

Read Södertörn University's internationalization policy here:

internationalisation policyexternal link_121115.pdfPDF


The Vice-Chancellor has decided on guidelines for international cooperation and exchange agreements. A checklist for student mobility agreements is available as an appendix.

Link to Guidelines for international collaborationsPDF

Link to Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020PDF


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