National and local responsibility for quality assurance

Higher education institutions and the Swedish Higher Education Authority have joint responsibility for the quality of higher education, with quality assurance activities being conducted both by the higher education institutions and by the Higher Education Authority.

Section 4 of Chapter 1 of the Higher Education Act states that higher education institutions are responsible for maintaining high standards in research and education, and that quality assurance is the shared concern of staff and students.

At the university, various bodies and functions are responsible for the quality of activities.

The laws, regulations and systems with which the university must comply are a fundamental requirement for quality assurance work: the Higher Education Act, the Higher Education Ordinance, the national quality assurance system, other relevant legislation and regulations for higher education and which relate to the university as a public agency, as well as internal documents. The ESG 2015, Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area, must also be taken into consideration.

The current national quality assurance system (for the period 2017–2022) has four components: reviews of higher education institutions’ quality assurance processes, programme evaluations, appraisal of applications for degree-awarding powers, and thematic evaluations. For more information about the national quality assurance system, please visit the Swedish Higher Education Authority’s website External link, opens in new window..


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