Campus and ICT Services

Campus and ICT Services’ responsibilities include operating issues relating to university property and the university’s ICT operations, IT security and systems development.

It aims for the cost-effective acquisition and use of allocated resources for education and research, as well as in administration.

The unit has the following areas of activity:

  • Campus support services
  • University systems development
  • MedieCenter
    - End-user infrastructure support
    - Technical operations

Campus support – operation and maintenance of university property, daily general service support for property, support for room bookings in TimeEdit, cleaning, waste management/recycling, accommodation for international students.

University systems development – this includes administering, maintaining and developing new support services and functions in the unit’s computer systems, and administering the university’s email system and account management.

MedieCenter is an umbrella organisation for the university’s ICT services, IT security, support and IT operations; it is divided into two areas: end-user infrastructure support and technical operations. MedieCenter also covers AV support, front desk/switchboard and goods delivery area/caretakers.