Faculty Board

Södertörn University has a Faculty Board that works with issues relating to research and education at all levels from Bachelor's to doctoral level (first, second and third cycles) and has overall responsibility for quality in these areas.

The Faculty Board is responsible for developing and evaluating quality assurance in the university's research and education. It must ensure that academic activities are conducted in accordance with the university's strategies and overall aims and, based on these, provide rules and guidelines. It must continually evaluate and follow up the quality of education and research and, where necessary, suggest a course of action to the vice-chancellor. It must monitor strategic and ethical issues that are important to research and higher education, and deal with issues related to degree-awarding powers and establishing and terminating main fields of study and degree programmes.

Term of office: 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2022

Peter Dobers, professor in Business Administration

Vice Chair
Björn Hassler, professor in Environmental Studies

Stina Bengtsson, Professor in Media and Communication Studies
Karin Borevi, Associate Professor in Political Science
Anders Burman, Professor in History of ideas
Martin Jonsson, Associate Professor in Media Technology/Informatics
Karin Milles, Associate Professor in Swedish
Mona Petersson, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies
Therese Reitan, Associate Professor Political Science
Helene Prohorenko, student representative
Thérèse Lelli, student representative
Paul Sherfey, student representative doctoral education