Management group

The management group comprises the vice-chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor, deputy vice-chancellors, the chair of the Faculty Board, chief administrative officer, heads of schools and the academic leader for Teacher Education.

The management group:

Gustav Amberg, Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Kerstin Cassel, Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Nils Ekedahl, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Ulla Manns, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Peter Dobers, Chair of the Faculty Board
Hans Andersson, Chief Administrative Officer
Per Bolin, Head of School of Historical and Contemporary Studies
Ester Appelgren, Head of School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies
Charlotta Weigelt, Head of School of Culture and Education
Mats Bergman, Head of School of Social Sciences
Minna Räsänen, Head of School, Police Education
Anders J Persson, Academic leader of the Teacher Education