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Sending electronic invoices to Södertörn University

Sending electronic invoices to Södertörn University

The requirement that all purchasing in the public sector must be invoiced via electronic invoicing was introduced in 2019. There are four different ways in which we can receive your e-invoices. Please note that PDF invoices or scanned paper invoices are not equivalent to e-invoices.


We would primarily like electronic invoices to be sent via the PEPPOL network.

Address in PEPPOL:


We accept Svefaktura 1.0 (SFTI’s simple invoice) and Svefaktura 5A 2.0 (invoice and credit note).

2. Svefaktura with Bas transport profile

The technical information you need to send Svefaktura to us via the Bas transport profile, an ebMS link, is as follows.

E-invoice format: SFTI Svefaktura

Our Partsidentitet (party identity): 2021004896

VAN operator Opus Capita

Transport method: Protokoll - SFTI Transportprofil BAS

If you currently purchase services from a VAN operator, please contact them. For your customer invoice to reach us, the operator must register our party identity and our receiving address in their register. Most operators support the standard (SFTI Transportprofil BAS 2.0) because it is the foundation of current e-invoicing infrastructure.

3. Svefaktura or Peppol via some operators

If you currently use any of the following operators to send your e-invoices, they can also forward invoices to us:

  • Inexchange
  • Pagero
  • Visma SPCS
  • Crediflow
  • Tieto
  • BGC (SEB, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, Danske bank).

These invoices must be sent in the SFTI Svefaktura format.

To create a new routing (koppling) to send Svefaktura 1.0, please contact your VAN operator and email us with information about the VAN operator and party identity (corporate identity number or GLN code). Contact us via e-mail, see contact details below.

For advice on how to create e-invoices via your accounting system supplied by one of the above parties, please contact their customer service. Other suppliers of accounting systems may also have integrated solutions. Check with them if it is easier for you to have everything in one place.

4. Supplier portal

If none of the above options suits you, you can join our supplier portal for free via the button below (page in Swedish).

Invoice portal: Fakturaportalen (Link to external site)

5. Reference

The invoice must be marked with a reference. This must have the letters ORG followed by the org code and the orderer’s network ID (the university’s user ID) as a complete sequence. Example invoice reference: ORG12345ABCDXX

Reference structure


Org code

Network ID




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