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Södertörn University turns 25

We are 25 years young!

The first students were admitted to Södertörn University in August 1996. We may only be turning 25, but so much has happened since 1996 – and you can read about some of it here, at sh.se/25years. We’ve done so much in the past 25 years – just imagine what we can achieve together in the years to come!

The timeline below shows some of Södertörn University's highlights over the past two and half decades.

Greetings from the vice-chancellor

When I started as vice-chancellor of Södertörn University, in the summer of 2016, the university had just turned 20. I was arriving from KTH Royal Institute of Technology which, depending on how you count, can claim to turn 200 relatively soon. This age difference is very clear. My experience, when I started getting to know the university, was that everything was new. The people, the buildings, the art on display, the content of courses and of research, the knowledge itself felt – especially for me as an engineer - new. This is a feeling I still carry with me.

Over my five years as vice-chancellor, I have got become familiar with our activities and met so many enthusiastic teachers, researchers, colleagues and students. I have also got to know Flemingsberg. Major investments and construction are underway, and things will happen fast. Since it was founded, Södertörn University has been located here for a reason, to drive societal development in southern Stockholm.

The five years that have passed since the university turned 20 were eventful years in international politics. Södertörn University’s contributions to knowledge development and our focus on liberal education have, time and again, reminded me of the importance of our local and global societal responsibility.

Contemporary societal challenges, as the tangible effects of climate change are becoming clear and populism and knowledge resistance are gaining ground, make Södertörn University an even more important place. Our vision, that Södertörn University will be a university that contributes to sustainable societal development through research, education and critical reflection on contemporary challenges, will be even more important. The education and research e conduct here are vital to the future, and their significance will increase. I can also see this more strongly in the 25-year-old when I compare to five years ago.

I am sure that Södertörn will have taken further strides forward and achieve greater maturity, but without losing the curiosity and critical gaze, when it is time for our next jubilee!

Gustav Amberg

Greetings from the students’ union

SöderS, which is also celebrating 25 years as Södertörn University’s students’ union, congratulates all students and staff on the university’s 25 anniversary!

At SöderS, we do everything we can to represent, monitor and promote the students’ interests, through an interest, high-quality student experience for every student.

Södertörn University has a strong interest in making student interest more than an empty phrase, making it a reality in which the students’ voices are heard and play a major role. SöderS will continue to monitor and quality assure education, delivery social activities fr students and to satisfy the requirements of its members.

We make the university stronger together. We are proud to say that we contribute to the development of Södertörn University and we look forward to the university being even better.

Congratulations to Södertörn University!

Iryna Hauska, SöderS External link, opens in new window. chair

  • The decision to establish a university in the south of Stockholm was made in 1995, by the Swedish Riksdag. The intention was that more young people from non-academic backgrounds in southern Stockholm would continue to higher education.
  • From the 1000+ students who enrolled in 1996, we have now grown. In the autumn semester of 2021 we have welcomed over 12,000 students to our 80 programmes and 260 courses.
  • So far, the university has had four vice-chancellors: Per Thullberg (1997–2002), Ingela Josefson (2003–2010), Moira von Wright (2010–2016) and Gustav Amberg (since 2016).
  • Södertörn University’s symbol, the yellow circles, originates from playing with the letter Ö (which occurs twice in "Södertörn") and its dots. Its shape could be interpreted as an eye, reinforcing the idea that we look at things from a different angle.
  • Södertörn University’s vision says that “Södertörn University will be a university that contributes to sustainable societal development through research, education and critical reflection on contemporary challenges”.


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