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Don’t miss the lectures by the recipients of our honorary doctorates - 15 September

The recipients of our honorary doctorates, Rainer Hartleb and Andrea Pető, will be giving lectures at Södertörn University on 15 September. The lectures are open to everyone – please join us!

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Every year, the university awards one or more honorary doctorates. They are awarded to people who have made particularly significant contributions to the university and thus promoted its education or research, or contributed to its development in other ways. An honorary doctorate is an honorary degree that is awarded to people without them needing to fulfil the requirements that normally apply.

On 15 September, we will be visited by the recipients for 2021, Professor Andrea Pető External link., and 2022, filmmaker Rainer Hartleb External link..

Honorary Doctorate Day, 15 September.

  • Andrea Pető, 10.00-11.30, room MA 648
    In a lecture titled "Why Do Universities and Academic Freedom Matter?", Andrea Pető will talk about academic freedom, an issue she has returned to on many occasions, not least in her contributions to CBEES' Baltic Worlds and State of the Region Report External link..
  • Rainer Hartleb, with Richard Kilborn, 14.00-15.30,
    Svarta Lådan (new location)

    Rainer Hartleb will show clips from his filmmaking and discuss them with Richard Kilborn, Honorary Professor of Communications, Media and Culture at Stirling University, UK.

Seats are available on a first come, first served basis and are open to students, staff and the public. No registration is necessary and the lectures are free of charge.



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