What's included?

Increased knowledge and understanding of the effects of display

The course is right for you if you already have 90 credits in Art History and want to advance your knowledge of issues relating to display, museum history and exhibition analysis. Direct contact with selected examples provides knowledge of “behind the scenes” work on exhibitions, in addition to that which is visible through the display itself.

The course also provides an introduction to the field of gender history. You will discuss and reflect on the subject’s importance for our perspectives on and understanding of history. You will study theoretical texts and read about the development of gender history from the 1970s to the present day. There is a specific focus on how gender can be linked to other orders of power, such as class, ethnicity and sexuality.

Compared to undergraduate level, this Master’s course places higher demands on independent study.

Course design

Teaching is primarily conducted as lectures and seminars, along with some guest lectures and study visits. Examination is through compulsory attendance and active participation in seminars and study visits, and through oral and written assignments. There are about two face to face meetings each week. The course has around 10-15 places.