Why this subject?

Are you interested in art, images and visual phenomena?

At Södertörn University, Art History is integrated with multicultural perspectives and aspects of gender and class. You will look in-depth at the history of art, and to examine art from a contemporary and modern perspective. The subject has a theoretical foundation, giving you expertise in contemporary and modern Art History. Theory is intertwined with practical elements.

Studying Art History involves work with various themes linked to concepts, narratives, questions and methods. Classical Art History is combined with studies of visual cultures. It includes everything from works of art to mass-produced images, architecture and design. You will also analyse Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” and reflect on the concept of a masterpiece.

Art History as a subject offers interaction with external actors. Meetings with professionals in arts and culture during your studies provide broad insight into the sector. You will meet artists, experts and museum directors.