What's included?

Planning and analysing daily operations in the hospitality industry

This course focuses on the hospitality industry and the daily operations of companies in this industry. You will analyse the various definitions and meanings of hospitality and how tourist companies’ front and management personnel can manage their operative work through different management strategies. You will also examine how hospitality, service and customer interaction can be planned and managed in a tourist company’s service processes, and investigate how effective staff management can be conducted in this type of company through a constructive company culture. These elements of the course will allow you to design management strategies consistent with the goals of a company in the hospitality industry and describe how to apply them in daily leadership, as well as to critically examine how a company in the tourism industry manages hospitality and its ability to profitably deal with the consequences of guests’ demands for service, experiences, security and the environment.

Course design

The course is taught through lectures, group work and seminars. It is assessed through a written examination, a written group report and oral presentation, as well as participation in the seminars.