Why this subject?

An important contemporary subject

In our multicultural society, knowledge about religion is decisive for is to be able to understand how we relate to each other and interact. In the Study of Religions, you examine different aspects of religion from historical, contemporary, global and local perspectives and how they interact.

The subject covers religious traditions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and esoterism. You will also study how people interpret and practice their religion, and reflect on religion’s link to politics, migration and gender. You will also study how Sweden’s religious landscape has changed through history. The Study of Religions also provides you with the opportunity to look in-depth at a field that particularly interests you.

Religion is a major part of the culture of many countries. so the Study of Religions will provide you with unique cultural competence. You learn to analyse and gain increased understanding of your surroundings – for people and the societies in which they live.