What's included?

Stakeholder perspectives on professional management in the tourism system

This course examines different aspects of professional management in the tourism system from different stakeholder perspectives using a sustainable approach. You will learn about different types of management strategies that are consistent with a tourist organisation’s goals and how these could be applied in the organisation. During the course, you will study a tourist company and analyse the management processes within the framework of a service management system. These management processes are then integrated with the company’s role in a tourist product’s entire value chain, in which other companies also participate. Using the methodology you acquire on the course, you will investigate and analyse a tourist destination and its management, presenting the results in a plan for destination management and control. This plan is then analysed from the perspective of sustainability, discussing the plan’s impact on the tourist destination and how this impact can be managed, which is presented in a consequence and action plan for the destination. You will also study external issues, such as risks, globalisation and travel trends, and how they influence the management of tourist destinations.

Course design

The course consists of lectures, seminars and group work, and is assessed through a written group report, your individual written report, oral presentations and your participation in the seminars.