Europarättlsilga studier

Expertise on the EU's growing influence on the regulation of good governance and sustainable development


European Legal Studies: Master's Programme (INT)

60 credits




EU law has a growing influence on the regulation of good governance and sustainable development. With this development comes a demand for knowledge and skills in the fields. The Master's program in European Legal Studies meets this demand in increasing your understanding of the EU and the concepts of good governance and sustainability. 

Qualification title: please see the programme syllabus.

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Qualified legal work in Sweden or abroad This Master’s degree provides a solid basis for qualified legal work within the public and private sectors. EU law is of growing importance for the Swedish legal system, particularly Swedish administrative law, and there is a demand for greater knowledge and skills in this field. Read about research in this subject
The principles of good administration in the EU and Sweden The first semester of this programme is divided into two courses. The first course covers the definition of the principles of good administration as developed within EU law and with the application of these principles by the European institutions and public officers. The other course provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the EU and the principles of good administration in various policy fields, highlighting the way in which EU law and its application in these fields has impacted national law and its application. The second semester is dedicated to a 30-credit Master’s dissertation, which deals with a specific European legal act and its influence on the Swedish legal order, with a focus on the principles of good administration. Semester 1 Principles of Good Administration in the EU; Good Adminsitration in the EU and the national practice Semester 2 Master dissertation Course design The programme includes lectures, guest lectures, seminars, and study visits, and has compulsory written and oral assignments, including seminar reports and case descriptions must be done. Some of these assignments or on an individual basis, while others are done as a group. For the dissertation, there are individual and group supervisory seminars, and you will participate in the peer review of your own and others’ work.
An excellent basis for qualified legal work, nationally or internationally Are you interested in analysing the relationship between EU law and Swedish law? Or in concepts such as institutional and procedural autonomy, substantive and procedural principles? This Master’s programme provides an excellent basis for qualified legal work through its focus on the ongoing Europeanisation of administrative law and the principles of good administration. You will assess the value of relevant legal information, such as legal texts, case law, preparatory works and doctrine, within Swedish and European law. You will also examine how EU law has impacted national administrative law and its application, particularly in European policy fields such as environmental law, consumer protection and competition law. The programme emphasises analytical reasoning and structure, based upon actual cases and the application of legal methodology. You will learn to present your opinions in written reports or in discussions, as well as to present complex questions related to the Europeanisation of Public Law in a popular scientific manner.