Why this programme?

An excellent basis for qualified legal work, nationally or internationally

Are you interested in analysing the relationship between EU law and Swedish law? Or in concepts such as institutional and procedural autonomy, substantive and procedural principles? This Master’s programme provides an excellent basis for qualified legal work through its focus on the ongoing Europeanisation of administrative law and the principles of good administration.

You will assess the value of relevant legal information, such as legal texts, case law, preparatory works and doctrine, within Swedish and European law. You will also examine how EU law has impacted national administrative law and its application, particularly in European policy fields such as environmental law, consumer protection and competition law. The programme emphasises analytical reasoning and structure, based upon actual cases and the application of legal methodology. You will learn to present your opinions in written reports or in discussions, as well as to present complex questions related to the Europeanisation of Public Law in a popular scientific manner.