Your future

Analytical thinking, information retrieval and English language skills

This Master’s programme provides a foundation for further studies at doctoral level, or for employment outside academia in teaching, publishing, government agencies, or international non-profit organisations. There is a strong emphasis on training English-language writing skills, which is a great advantage if you will be working in an international context, as well as improving skills in analytical thinking and information retrieval. You also gain historical and contemporary global perspectives on power structures within English-language cultural ambits (and beyond, since these do not exist in isolation), which is excellent preparation for work in non-governmental organisations, for example.

Through its humanistic orientation, this programme offers you a solid civic education, bringing knowledge about social conditions and how cultural expressions such as literature and film shape our subjectivity. You will also refine your ability to apply different critical perspectives upon the world, giving you an understanding of your own and others’ stakes in public debates.