Baltic University Programme

The Baltic University Programme (BUP) is one of the largest university co-operations in the world, with about 90 participating universities in the Baltic Sea Region, co-operating for education and research in Sustainable Development and Democracy. CBEES is one of 10 national centres and manages contacts with teachers, researchers and students in Sweden.

Logotype Baltic University Programme

The Baltic University Programme strives to find novel ways of interaction among universities and between universities and society. The main aim is to enhance strong regional educational and research communities but also to foster a greater awareness of our focus areas. The BUP focuses on questions of sustainable development, environmental protection, and democracy in the Baltic Sea Region. We support the key role that universities play in a democratic, peaceful, and sustainable development.

Our aim is achieved by being an open and inclusive organisation, developing and offering university courses, trainings, and conferences, supporting multi- and interdisciplinary research co-operations, and by participating in transdisciplinary projects in cooperation with authorities, municipalities, and others. We offer research themes intended as a source of information where BUP colleagues both collect and submit material. Our hope is that this will lead to more visibility and co-operation among researchers, teachers, and students.

CBEES has been responsible for the network’s national centre in Sweden since 2018. Our function is to coordinate members, and to manage contacts with teachers, researchers and students. The Swedish members of the network are:

Södertörn University’s representative in the Swedish network for the Baltic University Programme: Joakim Ekman. Contact person: Eleonor Jurackova.