The Institute of Contemporary History

The Institute of Contemporary History is a multidisciplinary research institute at Södertörn University. Researchers from different disciplines work here on research that, in various ways, relates to contemporary history.

The Institute of Contemporary History is a thriving multidisciplinary research environment that conducts research in modern political history.

Its research is based in the present, in current issues, particularly in the Nordic countries, Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe, illuminating them from an historical perspective.

We also work to secure source materials and initiate new areas for present and research, including through our witness seminars, at which important actors from the time of an historic event provide their version of what took place, in dialogue with researchers.

Some current areas of research are geopolitical change, the opportunities and challenges of democracy, school and educational policy, ethnic minorities, shifts in political power, international and transnational cooperation, conservatism, the labour movement, the moral economy of the global society, equality policy, movements of the populist right and identity and history.

Third stream activities

The Institute of Contemporary History promotes knowledge and experience exchanges between the university and the surrounding community. We currently work with a large number of external actors such as associations, foundations, businesses, museums and municipalities.


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