The Institute of Contemporary History

The Institute of Contemporary History is a multidisciplinary research institute at Södertörn University that brings together researchers from various disciplines for a collaboration on topics in recent, in particular political history.

This research is based in the present, especially addressing the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe, but applying a historical perspective for a deeper understanding of topical issues. Areas of research are currently various political movements and challenges of democracy, moral economy and its media representation, educational policy, memory politics, ethnic minorities, diplomacy and geopolitical change, gender equality, and identity and history.

The institute engages in securing source material and is productive in developing new research questions. A particular means for this are witness seminars where major actors, in a dialogue with researchers, provide multi-stakeholder accounts of significant historical episodes.

Third stream activities

The Institute of Contemporary History promotes knowledge and experience exchanges between the university and the surrounding community. We currently work with a large number of external actors such as associations, foundations, businesses, museums and municipalities.

Projects and publications


The Institute of Contemporary History