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The project Archipelago Business Development, also knows as Archipelago Partnership, aims at developing new business models in the archipelago by forming partnerships between entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Finland (including Aland Islands) and Sweden. The project also aims at exchanging knowledge between existing businesses and new potential entrepreneurs.

Existing businesses’ start-up expertise, paired with coaching techniques and the “Loopa”-method models for cross-border business development, will be used to educate and support entrepreneurs and business-counselling services. Students will be involved in co-coaching companies, internships, projects and thesis-work. The project will also organise international seminars to stimulate networking, knowledge-sharing and business development involving key stakeholders. The use of digital technology will result in the creation of platforms and applications to support cooperation in partnerships, business activities, sales channels and recruitment pools.

The target is to develop 10 new business models for existing companies through diversification, new seasonal solutions or cross border cooperation. A minimum of 60 existing SMEs will take part in the development process and we expect to trigger the creation of five new startup businesses.

Archipelago Partnerships

Yrkeshögskolan Novia / AB Yrkeshögskolan vid Åbo Akademi

Åbo Akademi

Drivhuset Sverige

Funded by Interreg Central Baltic, one of the EU's structural fund programs under the territorial cooperation objective. The budget amounts to EUR 1,638,511 or just under SEK 17.4 million, with a project period between October 01, 2016 and September 30, 2019.

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Social Sciences Business Studies ENTER forum Baltic

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2016 — 2019


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