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Capacity building on complex systems thinking

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Sustainability issues show the characteristics of complex systems, as they are part of the continuously changing, self-organising, interdependent and adaptive systems in our world.


The project identifies two main specific objectives:

Strengthen the collaboration among academic institutions provide them with a clearer picture of the range of opportunities between the universal and the particular Provide academic lecturers and managerial staff with knowledge, skills and tools for adapting their educational activities with a specific focus on sustainable development Provide undergraduate students with competences on complex systems thinking as a basis for sustainability action and make them employable in organizations interested to meet the sustainable development goals.

Target Groups

  • The project is addressed to:
  • University students
  • Lecturers
  • Policy makers in the field of education

The main project results include:

An inventory providing motivation and guidance for designing new courses specialized on complex systems thinking as well as for the integration of systems thinking through interdisciplinary approaches in existing courses.

A toolkit consisting in a set of media-based teaching tools focused on Sustainable Development issues addressed to a multidisciplinary approach.

A Joint Curriculum engaging Higher education decision-makers, experts and lecturers in defining a shared complex systems and system thinking based interdisciplinary learning path and related curriculum in Sustainable Development.

Research financier: Erasmus+ strategic partnership for school education.

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Media Technology Environmental Science SustainLab Environmental Studies Teaching and learning Europe

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2020 — 2023


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